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Boom Boom Silicon Brush - NOW 2 DAY DELIVERY

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Boom Boom Brush

This is the last toilet brush you’ll ever need. You won’t have to worry about replacing your toilet brush again! Toilet brushes has been the same for almost a century, until now. Meet this revolutionary toilet brush with a minimalist design that’ll look good in any bathroom.

Are you tired of stubborn skid marks on the toilet bowl? Yes we know it’s embarrassing and even worst when you have guests over and they use your bathroom! This modern toilet brush is made of TPR, also known as thermoplastic rubber. The bristles makes it much more effective to scrub compared to the traditional toilet brush and it won’t absorb the dirt in the toilet.

The premium quality silicone material makes it durable and ensures the shape will always be maintained and will last through the years. The flexible brush head shape allows thorough cleaning on the toilet edges, under the rim and hard to reach areas. Not only will you save time cleaning the toilet but you might actually enjoy it and do it more frequently!

Worried about mould, odour or bacterial growth? The toilet brush head is water-repellant due to its anti-adhesive coating. You can say goodbye to dirt on the bristles with a quick rinse and wiggle. After use, place it back to the base holder and the ventilated design at the bottom will make sure the brush will dry quickly which means no more dirty water or accumulated mould in the holder.

We’re making it easier than ever to improve your toilet hygiene and reduce your health risk. Healthy life, happy life.



  • Minimalist design to suit any bathroom
  • Premium quality silicone material for cleaning efficiency
  • Flexible brush head shape to reach all areas
  • Water-repellant brush head to eliminate drippings
  • Ventilated base holder to allow quick drying

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